It is with great appreciation that we share with you our first edition of our new monthly gazette, The Patriot Post. One of our missions at the Benjamin Franklin Center is to promote and defend the family unit by teaching principles of limited government as espoused by the Constitution of the United States.

As you know, America is now in dire circumstances – not only because of COVID-19 that has been spreading throughout the world, but also in regard to what leaders in various capacities are doing to try and control it.

Many reports indicate that education is considered to be one of the top three problems facing Americans today, and some experts feel that educational concerns will soon rise to the number one problem Americans will face. This is astounding since we have so much educational material at our fingertips. In fact, thanks to today’s technology, access to academic materials
doubles every six months.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that people tend to behave according to what they believe, or what they have been taught, and that society has confidence in that which they are most familiar, even when it’s wrong. It is vital that education in America remain strong and

The main purpose of the Benjamin Franklin Center is to help all of us in this country fulfill the purposes in education as stated by Franklin himself, when he declared, “Learning to SERVE God, family and country should be the aim and end of all true learning.”

As you read the following material in our first edition, we hope that you consider what we have to offer. This gazette is meant to be sent out monthly and was made possible by the many hours dedicated by our staff and volunteers. After reading this first edition, we appreciate your feedback on what stood out most to you and what you would like to read more about.

America can be healed permanently and peacefully.