Weekly Meetings and The Five Thousand Year Leap

The Rising Generation is the youth and young adult engagement project of the Benjamin Franklin Center. We provide training on the Founders’ basic political philosophy using The 5,000 Year Leap. To assist young people with learning opportunities, we are organizing official chapter organizations on campuses throughout the country.

Rising Generation students are committed to mastering and teaching the political philosophy of Natural Law and the Founding Fathers’ principles of successful government. We study the viewpoints of the Founders and encourage communities to be informed of the true nature of rights and the proper role of government. Our first step is to take students through The 5,000 Year Leap which teaches the 28 basic principles the Founders used to establish this great nation, written many years ago by the renowned scholar Dr. W. Cleon Skousen.

Members of the Rising Generation believe the Founding Fathers were so accurate in their understanding of human nature and in the way they distributed political power that anything more or less than what they created will lead to political failure. We believe the Founders were inspired to establish the Constitution and we seek to promote original constitutional principles as the solutions to today’s greatest political problems.

Members are encouraged to use The 5,000 Year Leap as the foundation for their studies and to do additional research to better understand and teach about the principles in the book. The Rising Generation also uses the Rising Generation Basics Course curriculum to prepare students to eventually engage in more advanced political discussions.

Getting Involved

Our first chapter was started at the Madison Liberty Institute’s Spark Freedom building in Rexburg, Idaho in the fall of 2020. The Rexburg, Idaho chapter makes its meetings available to those without local chapters through Zoom broadcasts. Sign up below to get involved with a chapter!

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