Have you started your family patriot library?

A proper library can create a spirit of love for learning and purpose in life.

Libraries send out a clear picture as to how families see the future and their part in it. It is very important that every family creates, maintains, and updates a library. It should contain a selection of books and other educational items that will assist and guide their family members to focus and achieve their educational goals. May we suggest some essentials?

Your library startup kit includes:

  • The Making of America – 3 volume student edition for teenagers and adults.
  • The Real Benjamin Franklin – the true story of the life of Benjamin Franklin with quotes compiled by Dr. W Cleon Skousen.
  • The Five Thousand Year Leap – student edition for teenagers and adults.
  • I Love AmericaVolumes 1 & 2 – lessons, activity pages and music CD for young children.
  • Catechism On The Constitution – reproduction of 1828 edition with additional commentary.
  • A More Perfect Union DVD – film documenting the Constitutional Convention.
  • The Healing of America DVD – commentary and discussions on the Healing of America Seminars.
  • The Tale of Two Constitutions DVD – historical presentation by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber.
  • 4 pocket-sized constitutions.

More Library Kits Will Be Available Soon!

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