Healing America by Restoring the Family, Morality, and Education
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What Matters to Us

Defending the Family

We seek to defend the family by teaching how to use and restore  constitutional limited government to protect the family unit.

Constitutional Studies

Members of the Benjamin Franklin Center and Restoration Generation engage in rigorous study of the Constitution and writings of the Founding Fathers.

Healing America

The Benjamin Franklin Center team promotes the healing of America through teaching the Healing of America Seminars in your community.

“An inclination joined with an ability to serve mankind, one’s country, friends and family… should indeed be the great aim and end of all learning.”

—Benjamin Franklin

Healing of America Seminars

Learn how to heal America through strengthening the family, morality, and true education.

Our Favorite Quotes

Advice About Criticism

“Hereafter, if you should observe on occasion to give your officers and friends a little more praise than is their due, and confess more fault

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The Blessing of Enemies

“As to the friends and enemies you just mention, I have hitherto, thanks to God, had plenty of the former kind; they have been my

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